This O'Neill Cylinder habitat is positioned in the Main Belt of our Solar System.

Arcadia - Inner
Location Asteroid Belt
Station Type O'Neill Cylinder
Allegiance Independent
Primary Languages English, German, Russian
Population 10.000

History and current Events

Originally, Arcadia was planned to be a collection of terran wildlife by a private collector who called himself Nemo. After construction was finished, the collection started growing and as one of the bigger collections of terran wild- and plant-life, several groups took an interest in Arcadia, but Nemo did not allow access to those at first. The only group allowed to enter the cylinder itself were acquaintances of Nemo, with more joining the population over time.

Regular morphs were replaced by more animalistic morphs, developed and produced on Arcadia itself. Simple biosculpts were replaced by chimeric hybrids, most often Pods. Rival genehackers try to prototype a morph as a pod, then create a working biomorph variant of it for prestige. Several Uplift groups and Mercurials took an interest in the station and soon joined the population.

The Fall left Arcadia mostly undisturbed. Population spiked because of the refugees, but because of the unique culture, those who could left again.

Structure and Layout

Length: 5km

Diameter: 3.5km

Arcadia is an O'Neill Cylinder with three wards connected by bridges over the three windows running alongside the cylinder. Three quarters of the structure are taken in by the open area in the middle of the cylinder, housing three wards representing temperate forests, one fully developed as high density living space and a third representing a mix of the forests dotted with small towns.

The last quarter is used as an industrial area for the needs of the habitat. This is also where the laboratories are situated, with specialized labs and factories along the rotation axis of the hab for zero-G manufacture and experiments. This area also houses the control center of the habitat.


Major Factions

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